1168573C山田Deep learning for visual understanding: A review, Paper
3168586E遠藤Automatic age estimation based on deep learning algorithm, Paper
4168582B當間Trust as indicator of robot functional and social acceptance. An experimental study on user conformation to iCub answers, Paper
7168584J赤嶺Rate-energy-accuracy optimization of convolutional architectures for face recognition, Paper
8168571GkonoService robot system with an informationally structured environment, Paper
10168575K長山Gesture learning and execution in a humanoid robot via dynamic movement primitives,Paper
11168578D宮里Design in robotics based in the voice of the customer of household robots, Paper
12168579BアシャリフA robot-assisted behavioral intervention system for children with autism spectrum disorders, Paper
13168581D名嘉村Adaptive Cascade Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for face alignment, Paper
14168583A吉田Types of humor that robots can play, Paper
15168585G玉城Telenoid android robot as an embodied perceptual social regulation medium engaging natural human–humanoid interaction, Paper
17168576H長田Long-term assessment of a service robot in a hotel environment, Paper
19158591GHuman action recognition using genetic algorithms and convolutional neural networks, Paper
20168591BWhole-body humanoid robot imitation with pose similarity evaluation, Paper
21158593kEffects of form and motion on judgments of social robots׳ animacy, likability, trustworthiness and unpleasantness, Paper
22158542jYona3D-based Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Action Recognition with Depth Sequences, Paper

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