1178587HendoPrinciples and experimentations of self-organizing embedded agents allowing learning from demonstration in ambient roboticsLink
2178578JakmnDeep learning for logo recognitionLink
3178581JakmnEfficient deep network for vision-based object detection in robotic applicationsLink
4178571BnkmrA Python framework for programming autonomous robots using a declarative approachLink
6178576BnkmrUnsupervised Representation Learning With Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial NetworksLink
8168592KnkmrHadoop neural network for parallel and distributed feature selectionLink
9178580AokzkA three-layer planning architecture for the autonomous control of rehabilitation therapies based on social robotsLink
11178592DokzkAdaptive data-driven error detection in swarm robotics with statistical classifiersLink
12178573HngymContext-sensitive distraction warnings – Effects on drivers׳ visual behavior and acceptanceLink
13178572KkonoEfficient distributed algorithm of dynamic task assignment for swarm roboticsLink
14178591FngtUbiquitous manufacturing system based on Cloud: A robotics applicationLink
15178586KwadaCellular neural network formed by simplified processing elements composed of thinfilm transistorsLink

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