14/27山田Optimizing User Integration for Individualized RehabilitationLink
25/11山田Biomimetic Based EEG Learning for Robotics Complex Grasping and Dexterous ManipulationLink
35/18名嘉村Augmented reality mobile app development for allLink
45/25長山Affordable content creation for free-viewpoint video and VR/AR applicationsLink
56/1河野Make robots be bats: specializing robotic swarms to the Bat algorithmLink
66/1河野An architecture for ethical robots inspired by the simulation theory of cognitionLink
76/8岡崎Use of human gestures for controlling a mobile robot via adaptive CMAC network and fuzzy logic controllerLink
86/8長田Robot learning from demonstrations: Emulation learning in environments with moving obstaclesLink
96/15長田Robot motion adaptation through user intervention and reinforcement learningLink
106/22長田Shopping with a robotic companionLink
116/29宮里Designing a socially integrated mobile robot for ethological researchLink
127/6吉田Robot teaching by teleoperation based on visual interaction and extreme learning machineLink
137/13吉田A novel multi-swarm particle swarm optimization with dynamic learning strategyLink

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