Various Software written by S. Kono

Various Software written by S. Kono



    make iPhoto piciture as yyyy/mm/yyyy-mm-dd/file.jpg

    good for Bitcasa photo upload


    Convert ASCII written commutative diagram into LaTeX.

    You need tikz, tikz-cd LaTeX package.

  3. ws.plprint https link host script


    kml file generator from Safari web archive of twitter

  5. nogroup.applescript

    Print a name who is not in any group in Mountain Lion's Contacts.


    Perl Script to display contents description of DVD-R/DVDRAM or BD-R.


     -d /Volumes/DVD/**/*.IFO
        -d show description
        -f show file name
    It looks TTDETAIL.IFO, VR_MANGR_IFO or .rpls. nkf required. Supports only Japanese local format, such as Sony BD-R, DVD for Panasonic or Toshiba.

  7. xd.plSuper easy binary dumper
  8. o2s5

    Emacs outline format html presenation generator.

  9. o2html

    Emacs outline format html generator for myself.

  10. omni-convert.applescript

    Generate svg or png from OmniGraffle by commnad line.

        osascript omni-convert.applescript hoge.gralle `pwd`/hoge.svg
        osascript omni-convert.applescript hoge.gralle `pwd`/hoge.png
    Please use absolute path for output file for unknown reason.

  11. fix OPENSTEP/NEXTSTEP Diagram! Japanese format for OmniGraffle Profession 5.

        perl hoge.diagram2/DiagramText
    nkf required.

  12. fbpost writing blogger and facebook from MH. Use it as a whatnow.
        to-blog: -form to-blog -whatnowproc /Users/kono/bin/fbpost
    postcnv is an alternative command of MH's post.

  13. TreeVNC server

    Multi User VNC for Calbed LAN. Using tree structured multicast, no broadcast. Working on Mac OS X Lion. Based on Tight VNC

  14. Tokio-2007-10-iso.tar.gz Temporal Logic Tool Kit for ISO Prolog by Shinji Kono
  15. Tokio-8.05.tar.gz Temporal Logic Tool Kit by Shinji Kono (with Esterline's documentation (large)) (for C&M Prolog an d SWI Prolog)

  16. Buffalo Remote Station Command Interface in Java </a>

    USB remote controller PC-OP-RS1

    command line interface for Mac OS X written in Java. No GUI. README (in Japanese)

  17. Japanese X11 14 dot font with Unicode encode

    12x13ja.bdf is an ungly shrinked font from good looking k14.bdf. 14x14ja.bdf is almost same as 12x13ja.bdf but it is not scaled. 7x14.pcf.gz have some more fonts for unicode half width char.

        14x14ja.pcf.gz    should be put in /usr/X11/lib/X11/fonts/misc
    			don't forget to mkfontdir or add next line by hand.
    14x14ja.pcf.gz -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal-ja-14-130-75-75-c-140-iso10646-1    generator
        readme.txt (need from nkf-utf8)
    Use it as uxterm small font, or

     uxterm -fn a14 -fw -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal-ja-14-130-75-75-c-140-iso10646-1
  18. Mac OS X non Unicode file name unzip

    This is a patch for unzip to read non-unicode based file names.

        difs  (patch)
        binary unzip for Mac OS X
    To compile this nkf2.0 is required. Binary is included but not install script.

    Apr 22 00:47:51 JST 2005 update (removal of utf-8 bom )

         Convert old idraw file to Mac OS X OmniGraffle
  20. Convert Various Calendar/Address Data format
                               Zaurus *.BOX, Zaurus SLA-300, Xcalendar
    			   Mac OS X apple script, Vcard, Vcal
  21. Solitare written in Perl/Tk
  22. nkf201.shar.gz nkf 2.0 kanji filter with MIME, JIS-X-0201, utf-8 Perl

    please check here (</a>for the newest version.

  23. checkboard-0.5.tar.Z PostIt/Xcal like tool written in Perl/Tk
  24. nkf17.shar nkf 1.7 kanji filter with MIME, JIS-X-0201, Perl
  25. nkf192.shar nkf 1.9 kanji filter with MIME, JIS-X-0201, Perl
  26. Convert WWW unix directory to MSDOS short name
  27. Tokio-9.94.tar.gz Temporal Logic Tool Kit by Shinji Kono
  28. nkf161-08-96.shar nkf 1.61 kanji filter with MIME, JIS-X-0201
  29. nkf162-10-96.shar nkf 1.62 kanji filter with MIME, JIS-X-0201
  30. perl-example.shar Perl Nyumon examples
  31. Pocketbell caller
  32. tip written in Perl
  33. xfig-tgif-to-idraw.shar xfig or tgif to idraw converter, idraw -> Tcl/Tk
  34. Decode and View Zaurus Data on X-Window in Perl
  35. Sony VBOX-II interface in Perl / Unix
  36. Seeheaven-1.0-SRC.tar.gz Solitaire game for NEXTSTEP Solitaire 2.1
  37. egg.keymap.uu JIS/New JIS keymap for NEmacs Egg
  38. initport.tgz sized I/O for Unix socket writen by someone else

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